american idol, top ten

ok. so i don't have long before the results of the vote are made known. i worked last night and have just finished watching last night's performances. i loved motown night way more than i loved country night, and i am a country girl at heart. but, i did grow up listening to "the oldies" (sorry to call them that, mom) and i love so many of these songs, too. so, without further hesitation and incessant rambling, here is my recap on the night.

let me just say this for the judges: randy- is he the new mr. rogers? seriously? that man has more sweaters than mr. rogers could ever fit in his hall closet. kara- lovely. always looks great. great hair. tasteful clothing. paula- needs to find clothes she doesn't overflow out of. and stop talking so much. simon- finally wearing a shirt that didn't come in a 3-pack.

1. matt giraurd- "let's get it on"
fabulous. (for the parts that i heard... mediacom, our cable company, sucks. that's all i will say.) matt continues to grow on me with his talent and i am more impressed with him every week. great way to start out the night.

2. kris allen- "how sweet it is to be loved by you"
thought he did a great job. still love him with the guitar and thought he was in his element.

3. scott mcintyre- "you can't hurry love"
ok. so not great. i really like scott and am so glad he made it to the top ten. he has some SERIOUS piano-playing skills, too. i do good to blast out some chopsticks. but the singing isn't great and week after week he sort of just sounds the same to me.

4. megan joy- "for once in my life"
loved that the lyrics really meant so much to her. she looked really cute, too. and that was it for me. she still seems really nervous with what to do with her body while she sings. (still twisting her hips in weird ways.) i thought the vocals were a bit rough this week. i think quirky can only get you so far...

5. anoop desai- "ooh, baby baby"
loved it. simon was right, though, about the serious qualities of his face. i mean, he really could have smiled some. but he showed some great diversity from week one to week three. he is a great surprise every week.

6. michael sarver- "ain't too proud to beg"
... which is good b/c he should be begging for votes tonight. i totally agreed with the judges. he obviously won't win. agreed. i forget every week what he sings by the end of the show. however, he's got some competition for being voted out this week, so we'll just have to wait and see.

7. lil rounds- "heat wave"
so mediacom messed up during lil's performance too. but what i heard i liked. however, i really did think she would have done better than she did. not that she was bad. but she wasn't lil. but she'll make it. she's great. (but so was alexis... but seriously, i'm not worried.)

8. adam lambert- "tracks of my tears"
ok. so i will admit, i was in a patient's room last night when he was singing. i came in during the middle of the performance and tried really hard to not stare at the tv and pay attention to my patient. so, while doing so, with adam's new look, i totally thought it was kris singing and not adam. yeah. and i liked it when when thought it was kris. and i loved it tonight when i saw it was adam. it was fresh. he looks great without eyeliner. i still don't love adam. but he has totally redeemed himself from being satan last week to endearing this week.

9. danny gokey- "get ready"
loved the singing. i did think the running back and forth with the background singers was a bit goofy, though. but i love the raspy-ness of his voice. (he could bust out with some kenny rogers "lady" or "the gambler" and totally melt me into a puddle. yes, i love me some kenny.) that is the quality of danny's vocals that melt me every week, no matter how goofy he is. and he has a pure heart, and that shows every week.

10. allison iraheta- "papa was a rolling stone"
so, while she was singing, my thoughts were that this girl is an "old soul." like way beyond her years in ability, maturity, everything. if you couldn't see her braces every now and then, who would know she was sixteen? she owned the stage and the song. i really like this girl and every week she gives me new reasons to do so. she was the perfect ending for motown night.

what did you all think? who did you love? who did you hate? did you agree with who is voted off? guess we'll find out the results in a few hours!


Sherri's Southern Style said...

GREAT Post! I agree with you again this week!! I think Megan is in SERIOUS trouble, as is Michael. Danny is still my Favorite, and I agree - would LOVE to hear him do "Lady". Kenny is awesome when he is singing those love songs:)

Rebecca Louise. said...

I watched back over this ep on you tube and Megan was myu fave I think on the night.