country week

so i usually don't write about my tv obsessions (grey's anatomy, LOST, the office, etc.), but i do feel like commenting a bit about american idol this season.  every week i like someone new.  every week, someone different impresses me that has not impressed me before.  i was pleasantly surprised tonight during country week.  i must say that i was a little excited, because, being born and raised in music city, usa (nashville, people), i was hoping to be blown away this week, but knew deep down it would probably just be a decent night.  this group of singers this year don't really have the country vibe.  but let's dive in a bit deeper, shall we?

 1.  michael sarver- "ain't goin' down 'til the sun comes up" (garth brooks)  
i really expected more from michael because, lets be honest, he was the only one i expected to really pull off country.  and i think he did a good job, but i thought he could have chosen a song that showed off his vocal ability.  by the end of the two hours, i had forgotten this one.

 2.  allison iraheta- "blame it on your heart" (patty loveless)
i like this girl.  i think she is really great and polished for 16 years old.  she can sing well, and unlike last season's rocker chick, this one doesn't scream every song.  i think she pulled out a good performance, but country definitely isn't her thing.

 3.  kris allen -"to make you feel my love" (garth brooks)
loved, loved, loved this one.  (loved seeing his daddy tearing up, too.)  i must admit that i didn't really know who this guy was until last week and was impressed with his john mayer/dave matthews stylings with his guitar.  this week was just as memorable.  he didn't hold his mouth quite as weirdly as last week, either, which is a huge bonus.  sweet guy who can sing... what else do you need?

 4.  lil rounds - "independence day" (martina mcbride)
so i didn't really expect lil to blow me away this week.  she didn't.  and that's okay because i never expect her to put out a country album.  she seemed really reserved and almost nervous during the verses.  but she'll make it through this week, for sure.

5.  adam lambert- "ring of fire" (johnny cash)
was i the only person in america who though satan was going to come out of my tv and attack me?  that was weird and creepy.  i appreciate the musicality of it all, but would have liked to see him actually attempt something that still sounded a bit more like country music.  it did, however, remind me a bit of some dave matthews band circa "before these crowded streets," but being a huge dmb fan, it did not endear me to adam.  he was not, and still is not, a favorite of mine this season.  

 6.  scott mcintyre- "wild angels" (martina mcbride)
i like scott.  i don't expect him to win, but he is an amazing pianist.  i am always puzzled with his song choices, but he makes them work for him.  i can't imagine what it must be like to be on a stage that large and not even be able to see the audience.  he did okay this week, but i'm ready for more.

 7.  alexis grace- "jolene" (dolly parton)
this was my favorite female performance of the night by far.  i loved the little changes she made and the way she delivered the entire song.  i don't think she needs to "dirty up" every song every week to make america love her.  she has a super powerful voice hidden in that little frame.  i hope she makes it closer to the end.

8.  danny gokey- "jesus take the wheel" (carrie underwood)
love danny.  he has been a favorite of mine since before hollywood.  i liked his choice tonight, too.  he sang the song well, and of course, reminded everyone of what his voice is capable of.  i can't wait to see more of him!

9.  anoop desai- "you were always on my mind" (willie nelson)
i would love to say i heard this and loved it, but my cable is really bad and i heard the first 2 lines and then everyone was applauding.  i did hear the short recap at the end, and i was really impressed.  i like anoop.  i think he's fun and interesting and not afraid to take risks.  this was a risky song, and from the comments and bits that i heard, he did a fantastic job.  

10.  megan joy- "walking after midnight" (patsy cline)
i like megan's voice.  she even sounded great despite her illness.  i would go to a concert of hers.... if i didn't have to watch her.  every week she "swishes and twists" her hips and holds her hands in weird alanis morissette type places.  it is distracting.  she is quirky, but not as good as the judges seem to give her credit for being.  

11.  matt giraurd- "so small" (carrie underwood)
this is one of my favorite carrie songs.  and, i admit, i haven't been a huge matt fan until tonight.  he did an amazing job with this song and now he is right up there with danny as my favorite male performer.  i can't say enough about how much i loved this.  i can't wait to see what else he can do, now that he has my attention!

what did you think about american idol?  who do you think will make it to the end?  who is your favorite?  who would you like to see go home tonight?  leave your comment and let me know!


Kate Hollis said...

I didn't get to watch yet!! I'm slaving away at the TP, but hopefully my faithful DVR captured every performance so I can compare with your run down of the evening. Maybe I can find it online between customers today. Hmmmmmmm.

Matt, Danny & Alexis are my favs so far!

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Came over from BooMama's. I LOVE Danny's voice. Matt, Anoop and Kris all did very well last night too. I definitely think Michael is gone tonight.

Cindy Swanson said...

I also came over from BooMama's, because anyone who loves Danny is a friend of mine! I absolutely love him. There's just something about his spirit when he sings! And NO, you're not the only person who got the Satanic vibe from Adam's performance...my daughter, sister and niece said the very same thing. I do NOT get the fascination with him. Great recap!

Sturgmom said...

I agree that Megan isn't as good as the judges give her credit for. I don't really "get" country night b/c, although some of them HAVE done country, it's not exactly what they're looking for in an idol, is it?

Rebecca Louise. said...

I live in the UK so I cannot watch it. I may youtube some though! I dolove country music on our version of Idol we do not have country week. We tend to have Michael Jackson week, Disco Diva week etc...odd concotion lol. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Carrie Underwood songs though. Along with Taylor Swift and Brad Paisley!

Thanks for your comment. I qualify in 14 months. I really like surgical/recovery nursing. ITU appeals and so does oncology/palliative. I have the choices lol. I do not like orthopaedics, medical wards and A&E. Just don't have the right feel for it! What is you background? xxx.