cotton's birthday

yes. another birthday party... but this time for cotton. cotton's birthday was yesterday. she is now 3 years old. she's been a great addition to our furry collection. she's smarter than any dog should be. she loves (and i mean LOVES) to lick you, anywhere that may be good for licking. she loves to lay on our bed and the couch, mostly when she's not invited to be there, so we have to take measures to prevent this occurance. she is the "alpha female" so she listens very well to jay, but hardly at all to me, if she knows he is around. she loves walks, taking her time to do her business, and anything to do with treats. she sheds everywhere, constantly, and as soon as she sees her shedding blade, she gets ecstatic about getting groomed. we love our sweet cotton ("dot") and don't know what we would do without her.

yesterday i made some another batch of homemade dog biscuits for the girls. (barley's were peanut butter for her birthday.) cotton's are applesauce cheddar. they were super simple and the girls continue to devour them. (of course, there isn't much they don't, or wouldn't, devour!)

and, of course, it wouldn't be a party without a party hat! cotton, obviously, loves the hat (insert sarcasm), but is so tempted at the treat above the camera, and is already salivating, she will do anything, even wear the birthday hat, for a taste of the birthday biscuits.

she enjoyed the treats, too.


anita said...

I know that Cotton loved her birthday treats!
I love the "hat" picture!!