(g)old friends

"make new friends, but keep the old. one is silver and the other's gold."

these are the best friends a girl could have. through thick and thin, near or far, we have remained as close as friends can. we had one more good (mexican!) dinner together before jay and i left to come over here to asheville.

on the far left is mandy. i met mandy in 6th grade at a church camp and we have been friends ever since. she was the first of us to get married (to rich). and the first to have babies. she has two. richie, who stayed home, and little harrison, whom i am holding. i was privileged to be at harrison's delivery as his very first nurse. mandy has been a constant friend and always eager to help answer questions or give advice. she is trustworthy and honest. i will miss our lunches, mandy!

next to me on the right is becca. she is the little sister of rachel (far right). we became friends because of rachel.... we will get to her story next. becca is the most out-going of the four of us. (is that a good way to say it?) she is always full of energy and great ideas. she is an excellent baker. one day i hope she will open her own bakery. :) becca just got married in may to brad. it was a beautiful wedding! i could ask becca anything- from a normal every day question to something completely off the wall with no return judgement and i usually got an honest answer. i am so glad, beck, that you and rachel are sisters!

and rachel. as mentioned above, on the far right. rachel and i go way on back to kindergarten. we were best friends then and still are. we can always pick up where we left off and it seems as though no time has past. she has always been a constant and inspiring friend. she is brilliant and strives for excellence in all she does, which shows in her work and the rest of her life, too. rachel has been married a little over a year to mark, who is a great match for her. it is amazing to think that rach and i have been friends for almost 23 years. i am blessed for that.

so these girls are my constant, golden friends. it doesn't matter that we have miles between us. it won't matter when we see each other again. it will always seem as if no time has passed at all. we can begin where we left off and carry on with life.

"make new friends, but keep the old. one is silver and the other's gold."


Amichien81 said...

Sweet post, pal. I love checking in here and seeing how life is going for you guys. Good luck with the home sale! Love you!

mandy said...

aw, what a nice post stace, i feel the same way! i miss having you around for our lunch visits too! i know you are enjoying your new adventure though. it is also fun to read and live vicariously, while being at home with the kiddies! love you!