quick update and fashion show

hey. not much going on around here. just working and living life as normal. we (and mom as power of attorney) close on the condo tomorrow! yeah!! some recent family news is that we have a new little cousin. she is bailey kay conkin. born to mark and mary. her birthday is june 22. she weighed in at 5#12oz and was 19 inches long. everyone is doing well. we hope to visit with them soon.

jay passed his oral examination boards for north carolina so he is "officially" a paramedic in north carolina. even though he was before. i am in the process of switching my nursing license over to north carolina. so much to do! i start back to night shift next week. i am looking forward to that... i don't function well getting up so early in the morning.

on another note, the other day, the dogs decided to dress up. they found an old shirt and put it on and posed for the camera!

don't they look great?! haha i am still trudging on with my knitting. i am still so slow. sweet courtney, i hope your little blankent turns out okay! i am doing my best. speaking of sweet little courtney, she is actually growing like a week. she is 5 months old now, and i am sure she is getting bigger every day.

well, i guess that is it. we visited family in kingsport last weekend and will see more this coming weekend in knoxville. summer is just beginning!


Becca said...

I am disappointed that you didn't put their arms through the shirt holes! Nonetheless, they are adorable!!! Barley looks like a sweetie! Is she still acting like dumb brown dog?