dog (and cat) days of summer

so i haven't written much about the crazy animals since we got here. so here is animal day. right now the dogs are wrestling, teeth bared, in the floor and dave has taken solace up here on the couch with me.

told you they had teeth out. the dogs have been good, mostly. barley is so almost house-trained. she has random accidents. but none in 7 days. knock on wood! no really, do it. knock on some wood for me. but she has just realized that her crate is sort of her house so she will go and sleep in it at random times. cotton did that when she was a puppy, too. and, speaking of sleeping, before we moved, we discovered dave in his favorite sleeping place... barley's puppy bed. i guess he thought we would never catch him, because it was after we had gone to bed, but we had to get up for something and there he was.

and, in keeping with things from before we moved, after the movers moved the couch, we found quite a collection of toys that the couch stole from the dogs. we left them just as we found them.

too bad the dogs weren't there. they would have had a field day with all the toys that they knew existed and could smell but couldn't reach. it's been 20 minutes and they are still wrestling. soon they will realize they are hungry. for the most part, though, cotton and barley just lay quietly and play with toys. yesterday, however, barley felt it necessary to lay quietly on all the toys.

so that's it. a day in the life of barley, cotton, and dave. not much but playing and sleeping, and for dave, hiding from barley and cotton.