our saturday (6/9)

so jay and i hadn't had a day off together in awhile so saturday was it. (although i am already done with my work week... gotta love 3 twelves) ok. so we decided to go find some new things and take the dogs, too. well, dogs can go to national forests but not state parks. so we went to the pisgah national forest. we entered down in brevard (about 20 miles away). and we had heard about and seen pictures of "sliding rock," which is a huge, natural sloped rock that people slide down into a small pool.

so there it is. we didn't try it out this time. but we did wade down in the river/creek (body of water!) and let the dogs swim. they were quite well behaved. they did have to stay on their leashes, but they had a great time. barley loves the water just as much as cotton. only cotton calms down in water and barley gets wild. total personality changes for these two!

so after we left sliding rock, we headed for the blue ridge parkway for a scenic drive back to asheville. the mountain laurel is in bloom, so the drive was sprinkled with lots of pink and purple hues. (the rhododendron aren't quite in bloom yet, but i will be sure to post pictures of that, too.) we stopped here to catch the view.

the sky was sparkling blue with no clouds in the sky...

the laurel was softly pink...

we drove around the parkway and made it back to asheville. we came home, fed the dogs their dinner and jay and i went to get our own. we went over to the east side of town... where there are also some great views. and on our way back home we explored some neighborhoods... where houses are way out of our price range. and here is why... this would be the view off the back porch.

yeah, not cheap. but it is fun to dream. and after writing this (being tired after working 36 hours already this week) i realized our 9 month anniversary was saturday. so we had a lovely day. i can't believe we've been married 9 months already. time flies. everything, while not smoothly, is moving forward with the selling of the condo. we owe most of that to mom. she has been our savior. but we should close on the 29th of this month so that is good. work for me is good. jay's isn't turning out to be what he was told it would be so we are looking into other options there, but sticking with the current job for now until something better comes along, which should be sooner than later. guess that's it for now. sleep is now in my future!


Amichien81 said...

Aww! The doggies are so cute! Barley could be Aggie's twin!!! Aggie & Aiko are jealous that B&C are swimming. They wanted me to ask when they can come visit. :) Love you guys!