300 long shoals rd. apt. 7m

well, i am no longer a home owner. hallelujah! selling from another state is such a hassel. thank goodness i have such a great mom! (and dad) so i can no longer claim a franklin, tn address as home. onto arden. so i figured now i would finally put some pics of our apartment up here. however... they are pics from when we first moved in. so here is apartment 7m.

the entry way.

the dining room.

the living room (to the left) and barley and the entrance of our room (to the right). with dave in the window.

the spare room (aka doggy headquarters).

so that's it. it is a very beige, blank canvas, which we have colored with our belongings. i will have some updated photos of it soon. now we are just enjoying the sunshine and fresh air through the screen door because though it is over 80 degrees outside, it is still not hot enough to make us clothes the door. :)


Becca said...

Ha! The dogs get their own room! I love it!!! I can't wait to see pictures with your special touch. We'll have to come visit soon...perhaps this fall for a leaf/color hike. :)

Love you!

By the way, I love how Barley is looking at Dave like she's thinking, "Should I go get the big fuzzy thing or will he scratch and hiss again?" But I doubt she has that much presence of mind...