life lesson and random babbling

so, you can learn a lot by watching others, correct? well, here is what i have learned today.

*before putting on a skin-skimming knit dress, make sure your thongs don't hug your fat and make rolls in your knit dress. looking like a sausage is not flattering. on anyone. why? because SPANDEX IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT!*

so, that is the lesson for today. and this girl was not fat. but any clothing worn the wrong way can make you look fat.

oh, and i fixed things on here so if anyone desires they can easily add a comment!

i started my first week of night shift last week. it was very nice. i feel like i am back in my world again. when you look out the window and know the world out there is asleep. that is normal and comforting.

i made watermelon lemonade today. interesting flavor combination. if it sounds intriguing, i will share the recipe.

and remember, the most important information you can get from this blog is that 2 weeks from today is my birthday. i will accept gifts from now until the end of august, in case time slips by you. haha just kidding. (well, not really.)

speaking of birthdays, mamaw conkin's birthday is july 13. she will be 90!!!

and, just for fun, i will leave you a picture of a very sweet baby named harrison. he is now 4 months old. and, by looking at his picture, quite ready for summer :)


Becca said...

SIAPNAR forevuh!

mandy said...

aw stace! you have harrison's pic up! he misses you! hope you are doing good in nc! love- m