it is hard to fight the urge to nest.  i am making myself wait until school is out (this sunday, may 20th!) and it is getting harder by the day.  it's not like i even have time to do it but all of her stuff is just sitting in her room in the middle of the floor.  i washed a lot of clothes when we came back from our tn baby shower but have since accumulated more and i didn't wash any of her sheets, towels, blankets, etc.  i need to finish cleaning out her closet and organizing her diapers.  we need her crib!  (thankfully, all of our big items have been purchased for us by family.  we are truly blessed!)  i have received lots of great hand-me-downs from friends, too, that need to be organized.  her glider and ottoman are still in the box in the back of my car.  we did install her carseat and base- it's weird driving around with it but it also seems right, too.  i would like to get her bookcase soon and assemble that- because i know i can do that by myself.  i'll leave the crib and glider to jay and assist as i can!

it just seems like there is so much to do and the little ticker on my sidebar is telling me we only have 44 days until her due date!  that seems so soon!  and i keep lecturing her to come early... and if she listens then we have even less time.  that's not to say we don't have the necessities that she'll need once she's here but i would love to have everything ready.  or as ready as it can be and that her room will already be the sanctuary for all of us that i have pictured in my head. 

so i am fighting it.  living with the "mess."  but soon.  soon i can nest to my heart's content and get my sweet girl's room ready for her arrival.  not to mention finishing some other rooms of our house that need pictures on the walls and boxes out of the floors.  i think it's a good thing i am ready to nest- i have my work cut out for me!


anita said...

Be patient my daughter... you'll have things done, and if not, then I'll finish when I'm there before you come home with Mary.

Love, Mom

Let's just hope she listens to you... while she can come a bit early, just not in this month! Mid June would be okay, then I know I'll be ready too!