derby day + cinco de mayo + surprise baby shower

after the shower at christ school, jay and i headed to the grove park inn to enjoy viewing the kentucky derby.  we had an early dinner and jay had a traditional derby mint julep while i enjoyed a virgin margarita for cinco de mayo.  it was so good i almost didn't miss the tequila!  :)

here we are all dressed up for the shower and the derby!

then we had an errand to run closer to where we lived and jay decided we needed to make one more stop before heading home... little did i know we were headed to a surprise baby shower!  some of our friends put together a little couples shower for us.  it was such a sweet surprise.  there are pictures but i don't have any of them yet.  we got more good things that we needed for mary that we didn't have yet so that was great.  it was also just nice to relax with our friends.


anita said...

Life is full of sweet surprises and wonderful friends!
Glad your day was filled with both!!