a letter to my little one

dear mary isabelle,

thank you for getting back into your "usual" position on the left side of my uterus.  i am sure it was a nice change of pace for you to be on the right side earlier today and facing another direction as well.  but you definitely made my muscles stretch and hurt today.

you get the hiccups a lot- which is great because that means you are practicing your swallowing, sucking, and breathing movements that you'll need once you are born.  most of the time they don't last very long but sometimes they last up to 15-20 minutes.  i hope you can tolerate them as well as you seem to now.

all of this will be worth it soon when you are here and i get to meet you face to face!  i can't wait but we have about 8 more weeks until you are "due" and while it'll be great for you to come a couple of weeks early, i'd love for you to wait until at least mid-June before making your appearance.  your dad and i still have a lot to do to get things ready for you.  i'll have a lot more time once school is out in 2 weeks and i plan to get your room all set and ready after that.  you won't know if your room is ready or not when you are born, but i will!

we have been so blessed to have such loving family and friends who have showered us with gifts and necessities for you.  we won't have much left to buy for you ourselves which is a huge blessing!  your mimi and pops bought you your carseat and stroller.  your emme/gigi/mamaw and paul are buying your crib/changing table.  we have so many clothes, diapers, and wipes for you that we will not need much except you to get here so we can use them.  i have only bought you one outfit (that you will wear home from the hospital) but i have knitted you a blanket and am working on my third hat for you to wear.

i can't wait to see whose features you have and what your personality will be like once you are born.  you are pretty fiesty from time to time now but you seem to be busier during the day and more restful at night. i hope you continue this trend once you are born!!

i love you and i'll see you soon,


anita said...

Mary was being "adventurous"!! Glad she's back to her "normal" spot for your comfort...

She is one lucky little girl coming into our lives and we're all excited to meet her as you are! Hopefully she will continue her trend after her arrival!

Love you,