nesting progress.

as you can see below, our kitchen is tiny. i had to stand in the hall to get the long shots you see in the first two pictures.  but it's functional and we only really have to cook 3 months out of the year (essentially, whenever the boys are on breaks we have  to cook.  i haven't known what to do with this long wall so i moved my "south" definition picture into the kitchen and flanked it with two canvases covered in bright polkadot fabric.  then i put my tiles on the other side similar to how they were below my cabinets in our house.  and then the next day i boiled/sterilized some of Mary's things.  i have made a lot of progress in her room and will take some pictures and post them next week.  hopefully.  but below is some proof that i have finally gotten to nest!




sterilizing bottles and nipples and pacifiers. 


anita said...

Love the polka dots~

Do you have enough bottles?