update on Becca

Saturday, April 3: Becca has been moved into a regular room and out of ICU! She is up and mobile again. Praise the Lord! She is able to visit and spend time with her sweet Hannah Grace and with her family. Hannah Grace is still doing well and is tolerating her feedings. Happy Easter indeed.

GREAT NEWS! Becca is off the ventilator and seems to be doing well. (1:50pm EST)

becca's husband, brad, just sent me my morning update. i love her sweet husband. (becca, job well done on this one.) today's update was filled with good news. i am smiling and so thankful for all the prayer warriors out there lifting up this precious family. i know, i know... onto the update:

becca: becca is still on a ventilator (and in the ICU), but they have turned the settings down (weaned her) so that she is doing most of the breathing on her own. there is very little that the vent is actually doing for her. she is still sedated but they are going to wean her off her medications too, and are hopeful to successfully have her off the ventilator today.

hannah: hannah is still doing well. she is being weaned off of her ventilator as well and they are planning to start feeds for her. (former nicu nurse's note: feedings for her will consist of tube feedings and usually start at 0.5-1ml each feeding, which may be every 3 or 6 hours to start with. they begin feedings slowly to make sure their immature guts can handle the process of digestion. at any sign of intolerance, feedings stop and the gut gets a day or so of rest.) she has been on phototherapy for jaundice and brad says they plan to turn that off tomorrow. she did have some bleeding in one of her lungs a few days ago and that appears to have stopped as well. she also had a routine ultrasound of her brain to check for bleeding and it was clear! (nurse's note: brain bleeds are common in very small preemies and those born before 32 weeks. so it's a huge praise that hannah's brain is clear and healthy!)

lots of good news today. keep praying for strong lungs for both girls and decreased anxiety for becca. they appreciate all your prayers.


(i would love to know who is praying and where you are from, especially if you are lurking and not commenting! i will be seeing becca and brad in a few weeks and would love to tell them where their prayers were coming from, and possibly put them on a map for hannah to see one day, too. will you please comment and share your name and where you live? thanks, stacie)

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Heather said...

Hey Becca! You have been on my heart so much... I have been praying for you & sweet Hannah that God carries you through this and heals you both so well because He is amazing! I also pray for Brad and your parents and family, friends, and the nurses & doctors... and so much more :) I look forward to the updates, and thanks Stacie for doing this!
With love, Heather J. Strickler
Pisgah Forest, NC

Trey and Heather Schablik said...

Stacie - Becca, Brad and Hannah Grace have been on our hearts and in our prayers since we first heard what was going on. Please give her a big hug from me and let them know we are thinking of them. And thanks for keeping us updated on what is going on.
Much love,
Trey and Heather Schablik
Franklin, TN

Lezlee Dice said...

Hi Stacie,
I am praying for your friend Becca, the baby, and the husband/dad Brad. I know how scary it can be. Even though my experience was not as serious as hers. God is Great and will pull them through this.

koalainscotland said...


I've been praying for Becca and Hannah when my friend Carolyn tweeted me about it on Sunday. There are others of us in Scotland praying also.

Much love to all the family xx

Laura Anne

Meg said...

Hi, I've been praying for your whole family and hoping for a full healthy recovery for all. I've never met you but I feel close in prayer and God does amazing things. Love Meg and Ross Grabill/Learn......Asheville NC

anita said...

God is Amazing and definitely watching over Becca, Hannah Grace and daddy Brad! So glad to hear of all the improvements on both of the girls. I've been praying for the entire Abel/Holladay families. Nurse Stacie has kept me updated daily on your progress.

"Mama 'Nita" - Franklin TN

Kristen said...

We are praying, praying, praying!

Kristen, John Michael, Addie & Landon
(Spring Hill, TN)

Sandy Stooksbury said...

Have been praying for Becca adn little Hannah, as well as Brad and their families since Rachel told us the news Sunday. My daughter, Christal, and good friends, Beth & Sharon, are praying too, as well as Glory Baptist Church in Marengo, Ohio. So glad to hear they are both doing better. God is good, and faithful. Continuing to pray...

Carolyn said...

I'm in Wales these days, lifting up this precious family. Love you Becca.

Angel said...
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Angel said...

I have been praying for Becca and little Hannah. I pray that God will continue His good work in them and bring them both back to complete health!

Murfreesboro, TN