baby shower, take two

this trip to tn was filled with baby showers. we had another one on sunday for some dear family friends, chris and his fiance´ ashley. this was my first time to meet her, and i must say i ♥ her already. she's fabulous. good job, christopher! she will be a welcome addition to our friend-ly family. they are expecting a little boy in june that they plan to name joey, a very special name. want the (shortened version of the) back story?

chris' dad, joe, was my dad's best friend from high school. in fact, joe introduced my mom and dad to each other. joe suffered a major heart attack in april 2006 and passed away. now his name will live on in his grandson, joey.

i won't bore you with all the photos (i'll save that for facebook), but here are a few...

ashley and chris

everyone filled out a notecard with baby advice and/or words of encouragement. ashley was reading the card from her best friend, lauren, who is in the white sweater. chris' sister, shannon's daughters, brooke and lindsey miller, are with her in the picture.

all of joey's goodies...