from showers to birthdays...

we had traditional sunday night dinner with my grandparents. sunday was my uncle steve's birthday and we celebrated in the usual style- dinner (sonic) followed with cake. steve chose a strawberry ice cream cake from maggie moo's. it was delicious. (yes, jay and i ate horribly this weekend. and it was worth every calorie!)

we had a great visit with everyone. my "little" cousins are growing up- lindsey is 16 and driving and haley will be 13 in one month. it was wonderful getting to talk and catch up with everyone besides doing so on facebook or on the phone. i must say, though, with these teens, facebook is a great way to stay up to date on the current events!

of course we got some great pictures sunday night, too.

before the cake was devoured

haley, lindsey, regina and steve (steve is my dad's younger brother)

the lovely ladies

on our way out of town, and back home, this morning (monday) we stopped to visit with my paw paw (my mom's dad). he's been in a "nursing" home for a few months now, which isn't bad considering he just turned 90. his memory isn't quite what it used to be, but he seems to be enjoying himself and winning the hearts of those who care for him. (don't mind my closing eyes- mom only took one picture.)


Rebecca Louise. said...

No joke I could devour that cake in seconds. Looks yummy!!!

So pleased you got the bracelets! :)

anita said...

It's still a great pic of you and paw paw!

Becca said...

I love the picture of you and Paw Paw! So sweet. Looks like a nice visit overall. :)