a beautiful day in the neighborhood

it is a gorgeous day in asheville today. lovely for spending time outside, waiting to catch a glimpse of the presidential plane. that's right. the obama's are vacationing in asheville this weekend. we knew around what time they would be arriving and the dogs and i sat outside hoping the flight pattern might bring them over our house. it did. now, i may not be a huge fan of the president, but that doesn't mean i wish him any ill will. how often does the president come to any city, especially one you live in, right? the dogs could care less, though, that's for sure!

fighting over the ball

mischievous cotton

beautiful barley


Angel said...

Looks like the dogs are back to their old selves!

Becca said...

Such pretty girls. Give them hugs and kisses from me!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I hope you waved hehe! :)