we love at play with sparky for many reasons. the dogs love it. they provide crateless boarding, including providing them with beds to sleep on. the staff is wonderful. but the #1 reason why we love sparky's is the day after.

she's too tired to care that dave is laying on her.

she hasn't moved, except for breathing, in the last hour.

so sweet and sleepy.


Angel said...

You had a BUSY weekend! I can't believe all the stuff ya'll packed in while you were here.... I was so happy I got to see you and visit even if it was just for a little while!

anita said...

Master Dave missed his "big-sisters" ! Barley is soooo shiny! Sure had a great time in our busy weekend!!!

Becca said...

Sweet girls! That's how ours acted after their vacation and Uncle John's. I think they slept for at least 3 days straight. So glad we got to visit. I enjoyed it!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Seriously can I doggy-sit for these guys when you next vacation?! They are adorable!