a baby blanket

i have been working on hannah grace's blanket for months now. i finally finished it the morning of her baby shower.

most of you usual readers know that hannah grace is already here. she turned 3 weeks old the day of her shower. i actually got to meet sweet hannah grace in person yesterday evening. she's beautiful! so tiny and perfect. she is feeding and growing. she has just a little bit of oxygen per nasal cannula and her feeding tube. no iv's. she is a few ounces above her birth weight and has a couple of pounds to gain before she can go home. becca is doing great, too. she is healing well and had a great check-up with her doctor yesterday. (brad is doing great, too. i hope you all don't mind me borrowing a picture of you all.)

we had a great baby shower. i didn't get too many pictures because my sweet cousin angel was our photographer. she has a photography business and i am sure she did a great job on our pictures. i did get her to take a picture of me, becca, rachel (becca's big sister and my best friend from kindergarten), and mandy (one of our other dear friends for the last 20 years).


Becca said...

Thank you so much for everything. The shower was lovely and perfect and Hannah Grace is one lucky little girl to have such good aunties like you all! I can't wait to get all her goodies organized. I already put the beautiful blanket on the side of her crib this morning and it looks perfect in her room! Love you!