ta da! the nursery!

finally... the nursery is 95% complete!  the only thing i want to work on is the "family" bookcase and that will most likely be finished after she is born.  (i will have pictures of her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and 1st cousin on her bookcase so she will be able to learn who everyone is even though she won't see them as often as if we lived in the same town.)

we do not have a lot of choices for paint so what was already in her room is what we stayed with.  i love the green anyway so it worked out just fine.  :)  i chose her bedding before we even knew she was a she.  the girl version was way too pink- think pepto bismol!  my favorite colors are green and blue and i loved the boy version despite the fact we might have (and in fact do) have a girl on the way.  we will definitely make her room more girly when she's old enough to really care.  for now, the bedding is more for me- and i find it calming and relaxing instead of shockingly pink.

i love the elephants and they didn't seem to be overly popular when the bedding was purchased.  now, however, the current line of carter's baby clothes has elephants on them.  they are so sweet!  and trust me, she has plenty of pink clothes to make up for the fact that her bedding isn't pink.  we have been so blessed to receive so much.  i have knitted her 3 hats and a blanket and i have purchased one outfit for her.  everything else we have received as gifts and hand-me-downs.

anyway, i know you want to see her room.  i cannot wait for her to be here so we can use it!

a 4 foot wide door, of course, courtesy of 1938!

 come on in- her big sisters are already inside enjoying the views.

 inside her door- her bookshelf/cube drawers.

her diaper stacker is hanging on the back of the door- it is fashioned from a men's button down shirt.  one of my nurses, lisa, made it for her.

 here is a closer shot.  sorry for the shadow!

her closet filled with diapers, wipes, sleepers, and other goodies.

this will be the family bookcase.  the bag hanging on the door is packed for her for the hospital and the one in the floor is started for me.

 big sister cotton and the crib and diaper pail (the crib was purchased by jay's mom and stepdad and the mattress from his aunt and uncle).  we needed one that would contain odor and couldn't be gotten into by the dogs.  i hope and think we will be pleased.

 the glider (purchased with a few gift cards but mostly a gift from her great mamaw stella) and feeding station.

 the sweet elephant prints above her crib.

 her big sisters approve!

hamper & crib.  we had the hamper and are thankful it has a lid, too.

sweet elephant minky blanket and printed sheet (bedding purchased by her mimi and pops).

adorable plush elephant (from sweet friends) and blue elephant lovey with her monogram (from aunt erin) ready for snuggling.

her womb/sound machine bear from her great-grandparents.

sweet cross and prayer with her name on it from sweet friends.


anita said...

What a beautiful nursery! Mary is one blessed little girl.
Her Mimi and mommy will have to fix her window treatment in a few weeks. ;)

Love the "diaper stacker shirt" !!! Cute, cute!

We took pics for her room for the family bookcase..

See you ALL sooner or later!

Sarah Rideout said...

It is beautiful, Stacie! Who knew that room could look so great!!! Miss you guys and am so excited to meet Mary! Praying for you in these last days!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I LOVE her name on thw wall!!!