crib construction.

so i decided to tackle putting the crib together last saturday while jay was at training for work.  i had pre-determined i would stop at any point that it got too difficult or heavy.  well, i must say that assembling the crib was easier than putting the glider together (which i also did).  everyone keeps saying this is "daddy's job" but he'll have plenty of fun (ha!) putting the swing, bouncy seat, pack 'n' play, etc together.  it only took me a couple of hours to assemble the crib thanks to great instructions and the packaging.  i am so happy with the one we chose.  i had great intentions to take more pictures but got distracted with my progress! :)


anita said...

Love her crib!!! Beautiful choice in wood color. She's such a blessed little girl who has 2 sets of wonderful grandparents who are already in love with her!
You did a great job on the assembly!