crafts inspired from pinterest.

i know i've said it before... i ♥ pinterest!  i have been working on a quick and easy craft project for mary's room.  i think it turned out super cute and only cost me about $11- i did have a few things on hand already though.

first i made my own mod podge thanks to a recipe i found on pinterest.  i spent 79 cents to make it for myself instead of $11.99 at michael's.  awesome!  want to know how?  check out how to make your own mod podge.

then i just needed a few canvases and some scrapbook paper (i already had these) and some wooden letters, craft paint, and a little craft glue.

then i got to work!  i painted the edges of the canvases a blue color similar to the blue in each piece of paper and similar to her bedding.  i painted the letters white.

then it was time for mod podge.  i had already cut the scrapbook paper to the size of the canvas and they were ready to be applied to the canvas.  i applied a few layers of mod podge over the course of an evening and the next day (sorry, no picture of that step) and then lined up the canvases and measured a little to make sure the letters lined up and then glued them on.

then it was time to hang them up!  i used our laser level and figured out how far apart i wanted them to hang and centered on the wall and carefully measured and hung them up. i think they turned out super cute... so here's a sneak peek of part of her nursery.  (and yes, i realize that the "y" is a little hard to see- it's easier to see in person...)  it was fun to get all arts and crafty- especially for my sweet mary isabelle!