baby girl's room

our sweet girl's room is by no means even close to being finished.  it isn't even started yet!  i have plans over the next two weeks (spring break!) to rearrange our office and guest room and get extra stuff either hauled to the dumpster, goodwill, or storage.  i hope i am as successful as i want to be!

anyway, i thought i would share what we have planned for her room.  i found bedding that i liked well before we knew that she was in fact a she.  however, the pink version of the same bedding looked like someone dumped pepto bismol and mylicon all over the bedding.  and i like pink- but i don't love it.  and this pink bedding would have dominated the entire room.  so i decided on the blue and green version instead.  those are my two favorite colors.  the walls are green (and not something we can easily change due to paint/color restrictions on campus).  so instead of a bright bubble gum pink room, we'll have a calm and serene room with just a touch of whimsy, thanks to the elephants.  mom and dad bought the bedding for us and have it at their house.  even better- it was on clearance!

she'll have the printed sheet, dust ruffle, minky plush blanket, bumper pads, and changing pad cover.  i have a couple of pictures mom sent of the actual set.  the above picture is from the ad.

here is a picture of cotton and barley in her room from last summer.  you can see what color the walls are...

okay.  two pictures of our sweet furry girls.  thanks to pinterest (see this post about pinterest and how i love it) i found some great wall art for the nursery on an etsy site.  i haven't ordered them yet, but i have plans to have the following three framed on the long wall over her crib.

i think these are so sweet and would match her bedding beautifully.  and speaking of her bed, we have this crib picked out for her.  we don't have a ton of wall space thanks to the big windows and radiator and another wall with a closet and bathroom door and then the third wall and its 4 foot door.  (yes, we have four foot wide doors to some rooms.)  so i think the crib/changer combo is a great choice and then the shelving unit is from target and you can put the little pop up cube "drawers" in it.  it'll be great for when she's small.

so there you have it.  a sneak peek at all the items for baby girl's room.  i promise to post pictures as things come together... that may be awhile just yet.  :)


Rebecca Louise. said...

Oh I love the room and the colours!!!!