the post where i talk about more snow.

yes.  more snow.  although, i think a lot of you also had snow this time around.  and despite the warmer temperatures and sunshine over the weekend, we still have snow on the ground.

and i do hate the old wives' tale.  you know the one... "snow that remains on the ground is just waiting for the next snow."  have you ever heard it?  it seems, most unfortunately, to be true around here.  i am ready for more sunshine but it seems that may not happen until the weekend.  when i work.  so i will get to enjoy it through the windows.  sort of like the way i enjoyed the snow last monday.

 i pulled out the camera and cotton thought she needed her picture taken too.  we enjoyed the warm fire as we watched the snow fall.  all.  day.

(p.s.  barley says it's almost her birthday!)

we, of course, had to measure the snow.  jay tried to get an area that wasn't so vulnerable to the wind to measure the amount so he chose the grill.  we pulled out the handy "buy the foot" macy*s ruler from my high school days.  (we sold these to raise money for our trips to NYC when we were in the macy*s thanksgiving day parade.)

so at that point it measured about 6 inches.  we had about 7 inches by the end of the day.  yep.  we did take the dogs out to play but we didn't get any pictures of them playing.  hope you enjoyed your snow.  well, if you got any.  ☺