praying for joanne.

joanne heim is a 38-year-old wife, mother of 2 daughters, a writer, a friend.

on january 11th she had a stroke.  she was found by her school-age daughters.  unfortunately she has had serious complications.  she has suffered severe swelling in her brain.  she is ventilated and sedated to the point of having little to no brain activity.  this is how her doctors want it, though they are going to try to start waking her soon.

if you click the "button" (aka her picture on the right) it will take you to her blog and you can read updates her husband, toben, is writing.

(no, i do not know her.  in fact, i had not heard of her until i was reading another blog asking for prayers for her.  please join me in praying for joanne.)


Rebecca Louise. said...

I have heard about her an she sounds so lovely and undeserving of this. I wish she would get well soon!