let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

(*the caption is to quote my dad last night.  don't ask what i said in response!  or do.  i might tell you.)

all of those who wanted a white Christmas got their wish alright.  i think the snow may have finally stopped- for now.

i worked on Christmas (and Jay worked a few hours at his job, too) and was happy that the snow didn't start until after i drove in (Jay wasn't so lucky).  however, they activated our severe winter storm policy and those of us at work that were also scheduled today had to stay overnight.  those who weren't there yet and were scheduled to work today also had to come in last night if they didn't think they could make it this morning.  did you follow that?  but we did get paid to sleep overnight and we did get real beds to sleep in and a couple of free meals so the only complaint is that i/we didn't sleep well at all and it was Christmas.  and we didn't get to enjoy the snow except what it looked like through the windows (which i must admit is beautiful).  but we were able to send almost all of our Christmas Eve babies, and some a day or two older, home today and extra staff were allowed to leave too so after 34 hours i was able to come home.  just in time for sunset...

yes i took them from inside.  it's much too cold to stand outside for long!  and i didn't have any plans to go outside but the animals decided they needed to, ahem, "go" so we switched gears and went to the front of the house and they decided it was time to play so i quickly bundled up and snapped a few pictures of our blowing snow.  (yeah, who needs a snow blower when the winds are forecast to blow with gusts up to 50-60mph?)





cotton decided she needed to eat some snow!

jay and i had our Christmas on Christmas Eve.  he totally had me fooled about my gift.  i have been wanting a pandora bracelet and he had me going that no one had them in town and all the jewelry stores were sold out and made me make a new list just a few days ago of things that i might like.  little did i know my present was hiding in the Christmas tree!  jay got some things on his list he wanted and some things that weren't on his list that he also liked just as well.  cotton, barley, and dave each got a new stuffed and squeaky (or chirping!) toy and are quite pleased.  i have pictures of the pets and toys but our internet is running quite slowly so they will have to wait for later.  (the snow pics took an hour to upload.)

we hope you and yours had a lovely and white Christmas.  you know, if you like snow and all.  


Rachel said...

Love the pictures of the dogs! Sounds like you had a great Christmas despite having to work! Love ya!

Rebecca Louise. said...

The snow looks gorgeous! I'm so pleased you got to spend some of your Christmas together! I love Pandora!!