resolution revolution.

i really hate making new years resolutions.  i always end up breaking them at some point in some form or fashion over the winter months.  i find it hard to keep resolutions when it's so cold and dreary outside.  (well, except for today.  it's sunny and 60.  yes.  60 degrees!)  now, where was i?

oh, right.  resolutions.  i think sometimes we set ourselves up for failure.  even when trying to make the goal easily attainable it is sometimes still a bit unrealistic.  for example, "i will only eat healthy foods."  okay?  who doesn't love a piece of chocolate cake every now and then?  or a plateful of cheese enchiladas.  mmm... mouth-watering isn't it?  you can't deny yourself of all your cravings.  not all of the time, anyway.

i have again been watching The Biggest Loser on NBC.  i have again been saying to myself, "if these grossly obese people can work out and eat right then why can't i?" as i sit and snack on unhealthy foods and tell myself that i'll workout tomorrow.   and when i put on my favorite pants, which are usually my "fat pants" and they fit... well, it made me want to be on the biggest loser ranch with bob and jillian.  well, maybe for just a day.  and certainly to get a cooking lesson from curtis stone.  he's just as yummy as the food he makes.

my problem?  i love food.  i love my favorite foods- most anything mexican, pizza, macaroni and cheese... and you know what?  i don't have to give them up.  i just have to learn newer, healthier ways to make them.  

i am re-joining Weight Watchers.  actually, i rejoined yesterday.  jay has rejoined, too.  i am gathering friends on facebook, and in my town, who are also doing WW or just trying to get fit and we plan to form an "encouragement" group.  it's hard to lose weight alone.  my problem is maintaining my healthy weight once i've lost it.  

my new weight loss journey isn't just a resolution.  it's a revolution.  i plan to make healthy changes and stick with them.  not for a few months this time.  but for good.  and i know that isn't something i can accomplish in a month.  it's going to take awhile.  and i know i can't do it alone.  i want to know i have support from my friends who are also doing the same thing.  and  i want to support my friends in their journeys too.  my weekly weigh-in day is friday.  friday is the only day i have off every week.  so, every friday i will post my weigh-in results.  hopefully they will be all negatives, but we'll see.  i also measured my waist, arms, legs, hips, etc so i can also watch the changes in these as well.  i may post the changes every 2-4 weeks of those, too.  :)

are any of you out there doing the same?  feeling the same?  need some encouraging words?  don't be shy.  leave a comment!!!  


Rebecca Louise. said...

It's good to have some incentive though and we're all guilty we all fall off the bandwagon. I always said I hated the gym and then I joined a gym! It costs me £40 a month (about $50 USD)and there was a month (namely December) when I think I went twice. When I saw my monthly bill to them of £40 pretty much go down the toilet I just thought to myself you cant waste money like this.

So I make myself go. Not really for the incentive of weight loss but purely because my contract doesn't end of another year and I refuse to lose money over it. Guess it is sort of a healthy way haha. Hope weight watchers goes okay :)