♥ barley. ♥

it's that time of year again.  doggie birthdays!  
barley's comes around first. she was born on january 15th 2007.  she is now 4.  
the girls actually spent the weekend at At Play with Sparky.  they love "sparky's."  their ears perk up with the mention of the name.
today they are still thoroughly worn out.  and they are clean after having baths before coming home.  tired + clean dogs = a great combination.
yes, i still make the dogs wear a party hat every year.  they seem to be getting a bit used to it by this point.  i think barley partied too hard this weekend, though...

we ♥ you!


Rebecca Louise. said...

Happy Birthday Barley!
Your're gorgeous and I just may steal you when your owner is not looking hehe x

Angel said...

awww man. I thought you changed your facebook profile pic for my bday!!! HAHAHA! Glad someone else out there celebrates pet bdays!