doggy doubles

cotton and barley met aiko and aggie (brad and becca's dogs) for the first time on saturday. the girls warmed up to each other after about 5 minutes and had a great time playing with their new friends. sweet aggie is a camera-evader, like barley, but we were able to get one picture of all 4 of them together.

barley checking aiko out.

two sweet yellow labs.
all you have to say is "hungry?" to get their attention.
unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond mine and jay's control (i.e. jobs and odd refinancing scheduling), we had to change our vacation plans. we were going to be heading to hatteras with the gang above (and their humans, of course) but instead, jay and i are headed to isle of palms/charleston and the cotton and barley will have a stay-cation with kelly, steven, and harley (the best neighbors/dog-sitters ever). and then we will see brad, becca, aiko, and aggie again on their way back through nc to nashville on saturday. we're finally beach bound and cannot wait!


Kate Hollis said...

Too cute! I love the 4 Fab Labs!

Carolyn said...

Matching Labradors! I love it. Hope you have a good time at the beach and come back refreshed and happy.

Rebecca Louise. said...

I want to nab the two chocolate doggies NOW! They are gorgeous!!! xxx.

Rachel said...

What a cute group! I never realized how light Cotton is compared to Aiko. What sweeties!