the finale

well, i won't go into a big rundown because i really intended to post something else in between last week's and this week's AI.  but, alas, i didn't get to it, so here are my quick thoughts on last night's show.

- loved everything about his performance of "mad world" the first time he sang it.  it was probably one of my favorite performances of his.  i was not loving the long coat and the smoke/fog.  it was a bit dramatic for me.  but, that's adam.  i still thought he did a good job, though.
- "a change is gonna come" was a great choice for him and i thought he did a fantastic job.  'nuf said.
- how cheesy was this song (kara)?  "no boundaries" wasn't really very good.  he was pitchy, a lot, during this performance, which made me a little happy because it sort of took the wind out of his sails from his second song.  but, overall, he did good.  (and amidst my voting for kris, i almost dialed in one for him... but i didn't, if you must know.)

-loved "ain't no sunshine" the first time he sang it and loved it again last night.  he is consistent and current.  (although i wasn't so sure about the scruffy 5 o'clock shadow.)
-i liked his second song, too.  it did sit in the shadows of adam's song, but it was still good.  
-do we need to discuss how cheesy this song was again?  it was more suited for kris's voice, however, it really didn't suit either of them, if we're still being honest.  but, kris sang it just a bit better than adam.  maybe next year, when they pick an equally cheesy song, they will pick something both remaining artists can sing well... and not just because a judge co-wrote it.  maybe.  (probably not.)

well, that's what i thought.  i work tonight, but if they offer me "on-call" you bet i'll take it to watch the finale!  (i mean, i would never ever do that.)