all things green (and a little pink, too)

i really wanted to post this yesterday, but during my day of errand-running leisure, i neglected to snap these pictures of the green in our yard. it is quite refreshing and gets me ready for summer. (even though summer most likely includes a battle of flies, japanese beetles, and the fresh smell of cow poop, for lack of a better word (and the one i really wanted to use). in my day of leisure, did i mention i got to go to both of our Targets? i didn't? don't know how i forgot to mention that one! hmm. must have slipped my mind.

anywho, i wanted to share some pictures with you of the lovely green (and bits of pink!) we have growing in our yard. it is wonderful and we are so happy that our trees we planted last year have survived. we were a little worried, especially about our bald cypress, but it is thriving this spring. i blogged about our flowers and trees last year and also about when we got our american elm sapling and the view from our back porch. click on the links and go back a year and look how things have changed compared with the pictures i am about to share. it's amazing how one year can bring about so much change. (and that is true for much of life, isn't it?)

so, without further rambling and wordiness ado, here is how our yard is shaping up this year.

the maple

our not-so-bald cypress

the american elm, that we transplanted monday to a bigger pot

our dogwood that came from my mom's house (and is a bit bushy)

vinca that is adding lots of color to 3 pots on the back porch

impatiens on the front porch...

...really add to the whole package, don't you think?
(and in other news, because i'm sure you are dying to know because the title of this blog suggests that i knit just fyi, i have been knitting a scarf that i promised to knit, oh, about a year and a half ago, and i will post pictures before it gets mailed on its merry way to somewhere in these united states for a birthday that will take place in the next 2 months. come on? you didn't think i would tell you who it is for, did you? :)


Rebecca Louise. said...

lol I thought you would say. Knitting is definately taking on a trend over here in the UK. xo.