the view

i'm not talking about the tv show. i am talking about what i see when i sit on my patio. i realized i haven't shown anyone the lovely sites from our back porch, so here they are.

wind blown grass, sunny skies, and mountains to the right

new houses and more mountains straight back

the dogs love running in their yard

we planted an american elm tree, which is a sapling from the "survivor tree" from the oklahoma city bombing site (it is staked to the left)

our basil is growing!

some other new plants... a chili pepper (the tall one) and a banana pepper

you can see we actually have banana peppers growing. and the chili looks like it might bloom soon, too.

and here is dave. he likes when we go outside, too, but is content to watch from the inside.


anita said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful surrounding sights!!!
The "girls" seem to be enjoying their new yard and Dave seems content as well!

Nakia said...

TAG!! You're it! You've been tagged for a meme! Go here to find out what it's all about. www.chickymomma.blogspot.com

lInDsEy :) said...

Hi again!!! The view from your porch is AMAZING!!! Outside our yard all we see is trees...trees...oh and more trees. lol! :) Haley wants me to go watch a Little House with her. Hope to see ya soon! :)

Lindsey :)