top nine

american idol strikes again.  i watched it last night after finishing the paint job to the master bath (pictures to post later!).  last night was "top download" night.  ?  what?  the finalists chose between a multitude of songs that are on the "top download" list on i-tunes.  ok.  interesting.  maybe their guest for the week fell through.  maybe not.  it was different and surprising and, sometimes, not so great.  let's get started...

introducing the judges:  mr. rogers, always navy/black kara, paula (didn't get the memo that she falls out of strapless dresses) abdul, and simon "my undershirts are in the wash" cowell  (thank goodness paula didn't hide any crayons under the table this week.)

oh, i have come up with my own rating system:   
          thumbs up:  +
thumbs down: -
ambivalent:  =

1.  anoop desai- "caught up" by: usher 
he sang a "fun," upbeat song but didn't seem to be having fun.  i am sure he had to focus on the lyrics and such, but he could have looked like he enjoyed himself, like he did when he sang the first few weeks.  i thought he did a good job, though, but still am wanting more from anoop, i.e. less serious, more fun.  
rating:  =

2.  megan joy- "turn your lights down low" by:  bob marley
poor megan.  she is just trying too hard.  i do think she could have picked something that suited her a bit better, because she's not a bad singer.  however, she sounds the same every week no matter what she sings.  paula is right (what?!), bring that girl a stool.  she cannot seem to stand still when she sings and breaks into those weird little moves that are a bit distracting, frankly.  sorry, megan, you are one of my least favorites this week.  
rating: -

3.  danny gokey- "what hurts the most" by:  rascall flatts 
brilliant.  danny is an amazing singer.  his passion came through this week (as it does many weeks) and no one could deny he was singing from his soul and not just singing to impress.  this man has suffered great loss in his life and it was evident in every word of this song.  it was just beautiful.  
rating: ++, goosebumps!

4.  allison iraheta- "don't speak" by:  no doubt
so, i own this album.  i listened to it when i was her age.  (yeah, i feel old right now.)  i don't know if anyone else noticed, but she messed up some words in the beginning verse.  just a couple.  her outfit, hair, shoes... it was all atrocious.   seriously?  who dressed this girl?  the guitar didn't seem to help her; it actually seemed to distract her.  she usually blows me away with her performances.  not this week.  not a favorite.  at all.
rating: -

5.  scott macintyre- "just the way you are" by:  billy joel
this was really nice.  this is why i liked scott to start with, but the last few weeks he slipped down my charts.  he was trying too hard, picking weird songs.  this week, he's back.  this was a great choice for him.  his hair looked great.  i enjoyed every moment.
rating:  +

6.  matt giraud- "you found me" by:  the fray
jay and i heard the fray in concert, before they were "the fray."  (they opened for ben folds... and we browsed the souvenir table during their performance.)  i have a hard time listening to any song of theirs and understanding every word.  same with matt last night.  the chorus was nice.  i was actually liking matt for about the last 2 weeks.  now he's back at the bottom for me, too.  
rating:  =

7.  lil rounds- "i surrender"  by:  celine dion
lovely.  yes, it was a little bit dark... from her makeup to her dress (not the best style choice, either) but i thought she did a great job.  it was grown-up and a little too serious, and she paid for it with the judges.  loved ryan attempting to talk to her daughters... and the little one hugging randy... adorable.
rating:  +

8.  adam lambert- "play that funky music"  by:  wild cherry
wow.  i loved it.  the arrangement was fantastic, and of course, the boy can sing.  it wasn't until he was singing (pre-paula comments) that i realized he has a very steven tyler quality.  he's good.  he seems to be a little bit more humble, too.  (this, i like.)  i think he looks much better with his hair back and without the ma(n)scara and eyeliner.  he is creeping up my favorites list.  (i cannot believe i just wrote that.)
rating:  ++

9.  kris allen- "ain't no sunshine" by:  bill withers
this tied danny for my favorite performance of the night.  maybe even notched a bit higher than danny.  he did an amazing job, and if i-tunes was compatible with my mp3 player, i would download it.  don't know what else to say, except, "brilliant."
rating:  +++, goosebumps!

okay.  that sums it up for me this week.  who was your favorite?  who do you want to see gone?  


Sherri's Southern Style said...

PLEASE please please make Megan go home!
GREAT post! LOVEthe "rating" system +++

anita said...

I believe that it was definitely time for Megan to leave and she did so very graciously. Beautiful young woman, but you're right, she sang the same way every week. I totally agree with ALL your picks this week too!