master bathroom masterpiece

i love it. it took lots of hard work and time. i taped it up monday... that took about 2 hours. and painted it tuesday... that took more than 2 hours. whoever designed our master bath never EVER thought about having to paint it. seriously. wow. i split up coat one and coat two with some time at the gun range, dinner at alicia's (a little wine), and a few outfit changes. but thanks to lowe's (no thanks to monroe, who mixed the first gallon that ended up all over the driveway, my shoes and jeans- don't ask, or do), martha stewart (her lovely color "forest lichen"), and myself, the master bath has been transformed from blah and boring to fabulous and relaxing. take a look for yourself...

the girls had to get in on the action today since they have been banned from the general master bath area for the last two days. perhaps on a day when the sun shines a little brighter, i will take another picture or two. it is just lovely.

and on another dog note, they decided that they wanted to add a picture to stellan's name gallery. it took a lot of bribery and about 7 other pictures before we got the winner. we have emailed it on its way and hope to see it soon in the gallery. but you can see it here, first.

don't they look great? i think if dogs could pray, they would be praying for baby stellan, too. stellan is receiving a blood transfusion today. his heart is still going in and out of SVT (sometimes with the help of medicatin and sometimes on its own). he is tired. his mckmama is tired. they still need our prayers. thanks for joining us!


Brad and Becca said...

Your doggies are so smooshable!!! I can't wait to see those pretty girls! :)

The paint color looks great! I think it's so funny how we pick out mostly the same paint colors for our houses without knowing what the other is picked. Our master bath is almost that exact same color. LOVE IT! And I'm guessing the paint mixer man at Lowe's did not put the lid back on the can properly? Sounds like a big mess, but at least your driveway is a pretty color now! :)

Rebecca Louise. said...

Can I walk those Doggies please?! :) xxx.

anita said...

Love the master bath color! and of course my "grand-dogs" (2 of the 4 that I have)
You'll have to tell me about the driveway/paint mishap!