top eight; and other things.

so, this week's idol update/review will be short, sweet, and to-the-point.  i have much to do before getting ready for work, but couldn't let last night's performances be for nothing!  i watched them this morning before going to bed, and i have to say, i was a bit bored through most of it.  until the end!  ok.  same ratings apply.

1.  danny.+
great way to open the show.  the arrangement was different and after listening to the entire thing, i really liked it.  

2.  kris. =
didn't really enjoy his performance this week. i didn't think it was "indulgent," but it wasn't anything new or different from the original song.  the notes didn't change much, either.  

3.  lil.  =
i really think they're spot on about lil.  she needs to define herself as an artist, and she's just not doing that yet.  she's a great singer, and i don't want to see her leave because she just can't get it together.

4.  anoop.  +
loved anoop this week.  i think he does really well when he just gets quiet and tones it down, because his vocal range really shines.  (and, he actually smiled during his performance for the first time in 2 weeks.  nice.)

5.  scott. -
did not like it this week at all.  it was a bit painful to listen to.  i am thinking maybe it's his last night.  i don't think the guitar helped him at all, and those notes he tried to reach were pretty awful.  just not his style and it may have done him in this week for good.

6.  allison. +
she has redeemed herself for me this week.  at first i thought it was an odd song choice for her, but after she was done, i thought she made the perfect choice.  not sure about the clothes, though...

7.  matt. +
he was back to his old self again this week, and i appreciate that.  much better from "the fray" last week.  i didn't love it... it will take another week of something good to turn me back around to him, but really liked it.

ok.  so at this point, my dvr cut off in the living room, but my tivo is set to record extra time since it is a live recording.  so, off to bed i went to watch adam's performance.  i was intrigued to see what he would sing this week....

8.  adam. ++
i love this song.  and i loved loved adam's spin on it, but glad he kept it mostly the same.  the lighting was perfect.  he is winning me over as one of my favorites.  it was a shaky start for me with adam, but every week i like him more.  he seemed really cocky the beginning of the top 12, but his humbleness is shining though a bit every week, and that is part of what makes me like him.  and simon stood up?  what?!  fantastic.  (i watched it twice.)

on other notes, it really snowed here this week.  not just flurries.  we only got a dusting at our house, but what was supposed to turn to rain never did.  just snow.  monday and tuesday.  we got about an inch last night at work.  it was really pretty... even thought it's april and the 70 degree weather we had on sunday was really really nice.  and then 24 hours later it snowed.  seriously?  it's spring.  if it's going to snow, and accumulate, why did it wait until now?  crazy.  

tomorrow (thursday) we are leaving for franklin, tn, to do some visiting at home.  we really didn't intend to go on Easter weekend, but it is the only weekend we could both get away without really taking much time off.  jay hasn't been since last summer, and i took my trip in december, so it'll be nice to get back and see family again.  we should be coming back on monday, so we will actually have 3 whole days to spend down there.  

here's to warmer weather, safe travels for all this weekend, and scott getting voted off american idol!  (okay, someone getting voted off...)


Rebecca Louise. said...

Some of family who live in WI said that they didn't like Kris either and want him to go sooner rather than later.