orange you praying for stellan?

Stellan has surgery at 8:30am EST Tuesday (4/21) morning.  His heart rhythms will be evaluated and he will most likely be having an ablation, which is extremely risky in an infant his size, but necessary to fix his heart.  MckMama's favorite color in orange (and I'm sure Stellan's is, too), and many people all over the world will be wearing orange to signify they're praying for Stellan.

Most of you who know me at all, know I strongly dislike orange.  (No offense, Stellan.)  But my blog will stay on the orange side for awhile in support of sweet Stellan.  Please pray!


anita said...

I pray for baby Stellan daily and I'm trying to find something of the orange color to wear today.. (Hmm..... maybe I have some ribbon that has orange in it).. since it's not my favorite color either. I love the new background on the blog and the orange "paper" for supporting Stellan!