saturday was for houses and waterfalls

we spent saturday driving and sight-seeing a bit after a delicious brunch at mayfel's. we drove to the house, only to find it locked, for the first time ever. so we walked around the yard and later on got in touch with the builder rep., who unlocked the house for us. but in the meantime, we took mom and dad to the pisgah national forest and shared the beauty of looking glass falls and sliding rock.

then it was back to the house. we now have carpet, a mailbox, a SOLD sign, and our cabinet knobs. they have graded our lot so it is ready for sod. they should be painting this week and finishing the landscaping and that is about it. :)

mom and dad left sunday, mid-morning. we had a yummy breakfast at ihop and then we were off on our separate ways. we had a lovely weekend with wonderful weather. couldn't ask for anything more.


Courtney Beddingfield said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am pretty new to it but definitely enjoying it so far. Love the pictures of your house...looks like it will be amazing. I also love your blog layout. Where did you find it? So glad to get to keep up with your adventures...

Becca said...

I can't wait to see more of your house! It looks awesome! :) I need your new address, missy. :)