the closing went smoothly today and we are officially homeowners again. they were finishing up our yard today- they needed more sod than they planned for yesterday. we bought our ceiling fans and microwave today and will be getting larry (jay's dad) to help with the installation. and moving day is still set for next tuesday, even though we will be moving some stuff ourselves. we will be sending out change of address information soon, so don't worry. and the mail will be forwarded so if anyone sends anything it will get to us. thanks for all of your well-wishes and good thoughts. we appreciate you all!


Mary Michael Conkin said...

We are so excited for you guys! We cannot wait to come see your new home!

anita said...

Congratulations!!! Nothing like having your own home again!! I'm sure you will have everything in it's place in no time! I'm so proud for you both, it's very exciting!!!

Angel said...

YAY! Post moving-in pictures! Glad for you and glad for your pets too. They are probably happy with the extra space!