finishing touches

tomorrow is the big day... closing! we have a final walk-through today and we do still have a small list of things that need to be fixed/resolved, but nothing that should prevent closing tomorrow as planned. we are still very excited. i have a few more pictures to share now that the electricity is on. and i imagine today we will get the rest of our yard. we have a small patch of grass so it will be nice to have it all sodded. and we are also very glad it is supposed to rain a lot the end of this week. less watering... especially since we won't be living there yet.

jay found out he finally got a full-time position at one of the urgent care centers he has been working at, so that is good news. they have great insurance so we are happy to get that once it starts because mine from the hospital is fairly horrible. (yes, it is true.) he starts full-time there may 1st. he is still working part-time for the EMS service as well. my job is still going well and i am still working on my course for legal nurse consulting. i should be taking my first exam sometime after we get moved in. i have a few pages left to read before taking the test. (and the animals are doing well, too. :)

lovely front door

everything and the kitchen sink!

the stove finally made it, too.

i even sat in the tub yesterday to get a feel for it... i can't wait until it is filled with water!

welcome to our home :)

the dining room

our scrubby shrubs

the little bit of yard we have so far.


mom said...

Yeah! I know you're excited about having "writer's cramp" tomorrow!!! Loosen up those fingers!!! Glad everything is still a go for the closing and dad and I are excited for you both! You have a lovely home to be very proud of and lots more room!!
Congrats to Jay on his full-time position at the urgent care! We'll be in touch soon!

Love you all!!!

Becca said...

Ow ow! Check out the hottie homeowner in her new house!

Congrats to Jay and you both for many exciting reasons! :) Yea!!!

Love you guys!