more snow?

seriously. we have snow in our forecast for sunday night and monday. how crazy for one weekend. oh well. mom and dad (anita and jerry) are leaving at an early 6am tomorrow for their weekend visit. jay will be working on the ambulance from 7a-7p tomorrow. i plan to come home and nap for 4-5 hours and should be getting up around the time mom and dad roll into town. we are planning a trip to the biltmore tomorrow. dad has never been there. we really are hoping the rain holds off b/c the tulips are blooming and the gardens should be beautiful tomorrow. we are planning a "behind the scenes" tour and also plan to tour the winery. saturday will entail brunch at mayfel's and going down to the house. mom has seen the lot and dad has seen only pictures. everything should almost be done so that is nice that they will be able to see the almost finished product. and i'm sure mom and i will find a little shopping that can be done. :) and sunday will just be sunday. we are continuing to make a little more progress with packing. we plan to use movers for the furniture and appliances and tvs and such... all the heavy and bulky things we don't want to carry up these stairs ourselves! but we plan to move the little things ourselves so that we can save some money. and we don't have to be out of the apartment for 2 weeks after our closing date, so we have plenty of time to get things done. but for this weekend, at least, we are looking forward to some family and fun and maybe some snow! we will have some pictures to post later on this weekend, too.... i think we get carpet tomorrow!! hope everyone is doing well. email/call/write and update us on you soon.


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