busy bees

we are so thankful that things keep moving right along with the house. there is still something little and new every day and we were told by our field manager that everything should be done by next wednesday for inspection purposes and everything. so our closing is definitely still on for april 22nd. that date is one month and one day shy of our one year of being here in asheville. time flies! my mom and dad, anita and jerry, will be coming in town this weekend. we will spend some time friday afternoon and evening at the biltmore, so please pray that the rain/storms will hold off until that evening. and then saturday will be leisurely with brunch and seeing the house! jay's dad and stepmom, larry and mitos, may be coming in town on saturday as well. we aren't sure about that yet, but they have some things they want to do in asheville, so it may be a family affair on both sides. anyway, here are some pictures of what is new....

kitchen table light

dining room light
bathroom fixtures

linoleum in the laundry room (also in both bathrooms)

laminate in the kitchen and foyer

bathroom sinks and faucets

even the kitchen sink!


Angel said...

I think we have the same linoleum as you! If it is, you will really like it... easy to keep clean.
Love the new template!