quick note

well, there hasn't been an update lately because there isn't much to update. however, this past sunday, we signed a contract on a new house. we are going to build a new house because that is actually cheaper than buying an old one. crazy, yeah? not really. we will be in henderson county, just over the line from buncombe county (where asheville is). buncombe co. thinks a lot of its land. sort of like williamson county does. but being just outside of the county and not in city limits, we lucked out. we got a great lot, number 151. it has decent views of the mountains. i would link the website, but it isn't working at the moment. i will send pictures of things and keep the building posted and updated. it should be finished around the beginning of may.... when our lease is up at the apartment. so that's it for us. new house. soon. no more kids running around in the apartment upstairs. yeah!