life as usual

hey there. not much has been going on this week, after a busy month. so it has been sort of nice. well, i take that back. it was not a normal week... we drove to kingsport on tuesday to have the roof rack placed on the new fj. so we stayed with mitos and larry and visited with mamaw conkin. then our friends chris and cori needed a place to stay while driving through to south carolina, so the two of them and their cute little baby boy, harlan, were the first official guests to stay in our little apartment. it was cozy. i worked this weekend and so didn't get to see them very much, but did enjoy their visit when i was awake! the dogs enjoyed it a lot too. i think their belief is that anyone who walks in the door is here to see them. but i digress. oh... i have not given up on weight watchers. i have lost about 6 pounds and have been able to maintain that over the last month. but before losing too much more, i wanted to see how easy it would be to maintain healthy - semi-healthy eating choices without tracking points. and i have been able to do so, so i think next week i will try to start back to lose just a few more pounds. i feel better after just losing the few that i have. so i will hopefully continue to have luck with that. but this week is just back to normal now. i think. we are staying here all week. and working most of it. fun, huh? life as usual.