blueberries in september

so back when mom and dad and larry and mitos came to visit, we went up to craggy pinnacle. on that trip, we noticed that the wild blueberries were ripe. so jay and i decided to go back up the end of september to pick some for ourselves. and we decided to take the dogs along, too. they really enjoyed the hike. cotton seemed so excited to find whatever was at the end of the trail. and barley was just there. haha we picked about 1/2 cup of fresh mountain blueberries. ok. i did. while jay minded the girls. we all had a good time and got some great pictures that day, too.

so even after the blueberries had been picked over and cleaned out, there were still more to ripen up. and all those pretty blue-green leaves... blueberry bushes. deliciously organic. (now i sound like i'm from asheville, yeah?)

and, of course, the dogs were enjoying the fresh air, oblivious to the altitude.

cotton knows what stay means. barley couldn't figure out that we just wanted her to sit on the bench with us. so she didn't. but the picture in the middle, of her... she is on the bench. alone. she figured it out. too late, though.

jay started a bad trend after some picture taking of his own. he climbed over the wall to sit for a picture. it was a lovely, almost clear day.