"stand up straight"

ok. so who hasn't been told at least once in their life to stand up straight? seriously. i think we can all say yes. so, after remembering some great shoes the wonderful julie hunt was wearing on the day of ashley's bridesmaids luncheon, i have searched online and found some fabulous shoes. they are called earth shoes. http://www.earth.us/ and they have "negative heel technology" which makes you stand up straight by putting your spine in alignment. yes. they are on the expensive end. about as much as one would pay for a pair of dansko clogs. but i figure if it helps my spine to align correctly and helps my posture... maybe it'll even help my hips to not hurt so much either. and this would be nice. i can wear them to work. i can wear them around town with jeans and khakis. they are versatile. and cute. http//www.earth.us/shoeDetail.asp?Gender=women&cat=3&ID=2362 this is the shoe i purchased. and, i got a nice discount. about the only thing my employer is good for. haha. i didn't say that. :) so check out the website. save up. try some new shoes.