camping and riding

ok. so i think we are finally up to date except for this weekend. the girls went to play at sparky's and jay and i went (car) camping. the last time he camped was a couple of summers ago. the last time i camped was in girl scouts. and let's face it, it wasn't real camping. sometimes we camped outdoors. but mostly, toward the end, it was cabins. it was fun, but i have not ever gone real camping. so i am being broken in slowly. on saturday, our plans were to meet up with some members of the upstate cruisers (the western and upstate s. carolina land cruiser association) and drive from mt. pisgah to mt. mitchell on the blue ridge parkway. so we thought it would be fun to camp at the mt. pisgah campground on friday night and be ready to meet up with the group on saturday as planned. so we did. and we had a great time. it was really cold. and we had some "neighbors" a few sites down who must not be able to read that quiet time is from 10pm - 6am. i know i heard them last around 1am. yeah. those kind of fun neighbors. but i did eventually fall asleep and jay missed all of their noise. lucky him. but we woke up saturday and packed up and did some driving further south on the parkway before meeting up with the club at the pisgah inn restaurant. we got some great pictures, as the leaves are beginning to change. i won't describe them all. i am sure they can speak for themselves. but we had a great weekend....

these three were taken at mt. mitchell. it was unbelievably clear. the clearest it has ever been on top of that mountain. (the highest east of the mississippi.)


Becca said...

I would like to say that I could personally verify your statement that you didn't actually camp as a girl scout (which was true for troop 151). I had the man-woman for a GS leader- we learned to make our own tent out of deer hides we had killed and tanned ourselves. Okay, not really, but we didn't have a Troop Beverly Hills experience. Looks like you guys are enjoying the beauty of NC! Soak some up for us, too! Love you! Muah!