september 9, 2007. anniversary #1

we had a great day. well, the part of it we were awake! we both had to work the night(s) before so we took a long nap. some anniversary, right? but we decided to get away for the night. yes. we both had to be back at work on tuesday of this week.

so... we went to cherokee. sort of. the hotel was there. and it was nice, too. it was the comfort inn. big rooms. good breakfast in the morning. but we really didn't do much in cherokee. we donated some loose change to the indians at harrah's! we had our picture taken with a gatorade-drinking, dancing indian.

sunday night we drove to gatlinburg and ate dinner at the applewood's that is right on the edge of the forest. it was delicious. we were starving. about as much as the night we got married one year before! and then we drove back to cherokee. the next morning, we drove down to the noc (nantahala outdoor center) and looked at a very dry river and their store.

then we drove up to clingman's dome. we thought that perhaps it wouldn't be such a hard climb b/c we are used to living here at a higher elevation so the walk and a little less oxygen wouldn't be so bad. well, let me tell you, friends, thank God they have benches. and large rocks to lean on. it is the hardest 0.5 miles i have walked in a long, long time. it was pretty up top. it was a rare clear day. after doing that we walked back down, which wasn't that easy b/c it was so steep you could easily lose your footing.

anyway... we went back to cherokee at that point and that was when we spent about an hour at harrah's. with lots of elderly smokers and people who obviously spend too much time in casinos. we had about 15 dollars in change that we cashed out. you really can't expect to win anything on $15 dollars. we didn't. but it was still fun. and then we came home. that is our first anniversary. all wrapped up in a tiny little bow. i did get a nice bracelet. :) jay continues to get his new truck as his gift. :)

(our pictures are "singles" b/c tripod broke. yes. we named our tripod. it is tripod. and he is broken.)


Matthew S. Urdan said...

Very nice...you should have stayed at the Nantahala Outdoor Center a little longer. The river is dam released and the water usually gets down to the Center by 12 pm or so. It would have been a much nicer photo for you.

stacie said...

oh yes, we are aware. trust me... my kayak loving husband knows all that good information. :)

mom said...

oh no!, I hope you had a proper "burial" for tripod. :)

I thought maybe he'd been forgotten on this trip, but I know that he goes every where when there are photo opportunities to be found!

glad you had a wonderful weekend for your 1st of many anniversaries!