9 pounds of bold

ok. so lately dave has gotten very brave. must be the haircut. you know what i mean, girls. you get a new hair style and the world is just a bit different. you have a new edge. must be the same for cats. or at least this one. he has decided to take over the dogs' bed. or at least try to share it. either way, it is comical. sometimes he is on the bed and the dogs curl up with him. other times he joins one of them on the bed. enjoy some new animal pictures. :)


mom said...

how sweet are those? maybe dave m., is thinking they will keep him warm and not notice that he's there! not sure what cotton is thinking except maybe that this is her space and feels sorry for him because of his new haircut!, and barley looks like she could care less as usual that dave m., is sharing the bed!

my sweet "grand-dogs & cat"!!!