my name is stacie. and i'm a grey's-aholic.

ok. so i have caved. but seriously, enough of my tv shows that i enjoy have been cancelled or just are so on their last leg (er) that it is just time to stop. and yes, by cancelled, i mean the gilmore girls. well, not really cancelled so much as just done. and it ended well. but a girl needs drama in her life, yeah? beyond what may already be in it. it is always more fun to enjoy someone else's drama, albeit fake, than your own. not that i have drama in my life, unless it happens at work. which lately is often. people in asheville need to learn how to practice safe sex. but that is an entirely other topic. so while perusing the fye store in the mall, i happened upon season 1 of grey's anatomy. everyone else in the world watches it. even the mean, scary neonatalogist back in nashville... who really isn't very mean or scary at all. just cranky. anyway, after his shock and awe that i did not watch it, and remembering this fact, i decided to cave and buy the first season. this was a little over a week ago. i have already purchased and am deeply enjoying season two. it's addicting. the nice thing is with buying the seasons... there are no commercials and no waiting to find out what happens next week. it is fabulous. so yes. i am addicted. i am sure i will be on season three soon. and with tivo, season four will be waiting until i am done catching up with the reality of my addiction.


mom said...

oh yes, grey's is definitely addicting, never miss it.....
I didn't see the first season so you can let me borrow that one day. my addiction began at the beginning of season two and just wait until you see season three!
can't wait for season four to begin!!!