why can't mondays be fundays?

let's change the name. it wouldn't seem so bad if monday was called "funday." maybe then it wouldn't have such a derogatory connotation. like, "oh it's muunnday." it may as well be called mundane the way we act about mondays. but if it was called funday then it would imply that it would have to at least be a halfway good day. like today, i am cleaning. not my favorite activity. but if today was called funday then cleaning wouldn't seem so bad. following? "i'm all jacked up on mountain dew" right now so my brain is firing off random thoughts like no other. and i have no one to share them with besides the dogs, and dave, so i figured i'd jot one down. speaking of the dogs, and dave, here are some recent pictures. in a couple of hours, barley and i will be at the vet for her pre-surgery consult/first visit appointment. it is time for her be to surgically altered, if you will. spayed. so soon we will know how big she is. about a month ago she weighed in at 55 pounds. cotton is 71 and done growing so we shall see where barley ends up. and tell me, please, how do cats know when you don't want them to lay on your freshly washed sheets? and then why do they lay there?

barley: "maybe if i put my head next to cotton's, i can be smart like she is."

cotton: "maybe if i hold her head with my feet, she will quit trying to steal my intelligence."

both: "mom, can we please have the knitting needle you are teasing us with?"

dave: "just thought you needed some fur on your clean sheets."


Becca said...

Dave is just making it all warm and cozy for you! The dogs are adorable- they remind me of Aggie and Aiko so much. Aggie got stung by a wasp this weekend at the lake and her nose swelled up to the size of a softball. Wouldn't you know that, out of 4 labs, brown dog was the one who got stung by a wasp?

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the "girls"!!! and of course mr. dave m., too! yes, i can tell you were on a sugar high with the comments for the animals! made me laugh out loud!!! love it!

mandy said...

makes me want a dog! too cute!